10 effective Achilles tendonitis home treatment

Achilles tendonitis home treatment

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Tendonitis is a threat for many persons. Achilles tendonitis is a common issue for them. Sometimes they are scared of uncertain tendonitis. So, it is never a thing to ignore. Sometimes Achilles tendonitis arises when we try to do any hard work or pick up a heavy load. How can this problem be solved? You can use some tricks for Achilles tendonitis home treatment.

Here we will talk about some of the tips and tricks, and if you use them, you can treat Achilles tendonitis from your home. Some home remedies are very effective in Achilles tendonitis home treatment. They are described shortly below:

How to Achilles tendonitis home treatment

Here ten home remedies for Achilles tendonitis home treatment and their uses are discussed shortly:

1. Use of essential oil (castor oil):

castor oil
castor oil @ credit Pixabay

Essential oils are very effective in pain control and hair loss. They can be used for Achilles tendon pain also. Especially the castor oil. Castor oil has so many benefits in stomach pain and wrinkles.  It is also helpful for dandruff to remove. Castrol oil is so beneficial that it can be used in almost every sphere of life.

So, what is inside castor oil? Generally, castor oil is a triglyceride like other oils. But it contains 90 percent of ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid can work as an anti-inflammatory agent. You have to apply and spread the oil smoothly all over the affected area. Ricinoleic acid will help you to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by Achilles tendonitis. This is very beneficial for Achilles tendonitis home treatment.

2. Vitamin oil (Vitamin-E oil):

We heard about many types of potent antioxidants. Vitamin E is one of them. The free radicals in our bodies are sometimes responsible for our pain. Vitamin E works to neutralize these radicals and very effective in Achilles tendonitis home treatment. By removing these free radicals, vitamin-e oil reduce the inflammation and of our body. Other vitamin oils are not so effective as vitamin e oil.

3. Give the affected part some rest:

If you overuse any part of your human body, there is always a chance for an Achilles tendon. So, you can understand the reason for the Achilles tendon. Rest is the best way for Achilles tendonitis home treatment.  All your affected area need is rest. Just give the affected area proper rest as long as it does not heal properly. It may take time, even a year, or may heal within a week.

It depends on the affected area. Do not push your body so hard. Take a rest, and during this period, do not take the stress. Walk slowly and avoid running. Slow your movement as much as possible for natural healing. You can only swim slowly if you want.

4. Use ice packs:

You know that ice can slow down the circulation of blood, and it also weakens the nerve system. As the blood cannot flow properly in the affected area, you will not feel pain. The nerve system brings out our pain, emotions, etc., in our brain. When the nerve system becomes weak, our brain also finds weaker signals from that place. As a result, it cannot feel the real pain of the area.

So, the pain was reduced. For this reason, you can use ice packs to reduce Achilles pain instantly. All you have to do is take an ice bag full of ice and hold it to the affected place for at least 20 minutes this is the most straightforward Achilles tendonitis home treatment.

5. Use turmeric as an organic painkiller:

Turmeric is a well-known spice. It can be used as a remedy to reduce the pain caused by the Achilles tendon. Turmeric contains Curcumin. And it is proven true that Curcumin is a natural and 100 percent organic painkiller. Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory also. Curcumin helps us to activate our body’s pain-relieving system. It mainly starts the response of the opioid system. You can use turmeric for Achilles tendonitis home treatment.

6. Use massage or massage therapy:

Modern technology invents different types of massages that can help us reducing various kinds of pain. Among them, Thai massage, Medical Massage, and cup therapy are best. Just massage the affected area with or without any oil or lotion. It is very useful as an Achilles tendonitis home treatment. This will circulate the blood from the affected area, and you will feel relief. To know about different massages, console an expert.

7. Do not take tobacco or tobacco-based product:

Tobacco is responsible for different types of viral diseases. Smoking and taking tobacco base products will slow down your healing process. They hinder the flow of blood in the Achilles tendon-affected area. As a result, the automatic healing process becomes slow. So, as the healing process becomes slow, your pain will last long. Stop smoking and taking those unnecessary things.

8. Search for protective and comfortable footwear:

The affected place must be kept stress-free. For this, you need comfortable footwear as cloth shoes, shoes that fit with your leg. You can try sports shoes, and they are happy as well as protection. When you walk, you must give your leg as minor strain as you can. So, choose a shoe which is not so loose also not so tight. A good shoe will help you heal much faster.

9. Buy a frame or brace and use it in the time of sleeping:

As I told you before, your leg need as must rest as possible. So, why not use the opportunity while sleeping. Buy a frame or brace and use it in the time of sleeping. This will help your leg from shortening and being breakdown. This will make your leg as well as tendon stable. So, your affected place may feel fully rested during sleeping.

fully rested during sleeping
Fully rested during sleeping credit @ Andrea Piacquadio

10. Make sure to cover the affected area by bandage:

 Bandages are very useful in terms of medicinal purposes. You can use the bandage to bind the affected area as tightly as possible. This will hinder the movement of your affected area. This will help you from the outside attacks also. Bandages will work as a safety coating. It is very much able to hinder Achilles’ tendon’s movement. This will help you to reduce the pain of Achilles tendonitis and heal early.

Those are the Achilles tendonitis home treatment you can apply quickly and get rid of your pain of Achilles tendonitis.

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