How to take off acrylic nails without acetone?

take off acrylic nails without acetone

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If we talk about some of the hottest trends now, acrylic nails are one of them. You can see them now all over the world. It is now a fashion for the female. They are very excited about getting new acrylic nails. As a habit of nature, every good thing comes to an end after its life period. The acrylic nails also lost their brightness and beauty after a particular time. Then we have to take off the acrylic nails from our fingers. Sometimes we want to replace them with new ones. We must not take off acrylic nails without acetone.

A saloon is the best place to remove them properly. There you must contract an expert technician to remove these acrylic nails. But the fact is that we do not have enough money and time to go to the salon to remove these nails.

Usually, acetone is used directly to take off acrylic nails. Acetone removes the nails within some minutes and pain freely. Because the nails are dissolved in the chemicals of acetone in no time. But as a chemical, acetone hurts our health. So, we should take off acrylic nails without acetone. If we want to take off these nails at home, there are not many options we have. But I researched it and found some homemade tricks that will help you take off acrylic nails without acetone. They are discussed shortly below:

take off acrylic nails without acetone
take off acrylic nails without acetone @ Credit Joyce White

How to take off acrylic nails without acetone

1. Taking off acrylic nails using dental floss:

Taking off acrylic nails with dental floss is very easy. You must have to be patient during this process. It may be pain-free if you try it slowly. The instruments you needed are a dental floss stick, a File, an orange stick, and any oil or lotion.

First of all, search for anything that can keep under your acrylic nail for making room so that the floss stick can set under your acrylic nail and over your natural nail.

Then, move the floss downward slowly in a sawing motion in the direction of the end of your nail. Now, look carefully if any acrylic nail is left in your natural nail. If any, file them away. Be careful do not to file your natural nail. Now apply the oil or lotion to your original nails and cuticle area. This a better process to take off acrylic nails without acetone.

2. Taking off Acrylic nails using a laminated business card:

For this process, we need some instruments like a laminated business card, oil, and orange stick.

In the beginning, Look for the edges of your acrylic nail. You can use the orange stick for your help.

Take the stick and make room by using it for the laminated card. This is to slide under the nail.

The second step is to keep the laminated card in between your natural nail and acrylic nail. Here the stick is held under the acrylic nail and over the natural nails. Now, move the laminated card slowly in a slow sawing motion as far as the fake nails slide off. Be careful when doing that. This process is naturally used for take off acrylic nails without acetone.

There is an alternative in the process. You can use a credit card instead of a business card. But a credit card is thicker than a laminated business card. So, using a credit card may hurt you as it is so hard. It will take more time and attention also.

Now, wet your nail and cuticles by using lotion or any oil.

3. Use acetone-free nail polish remover to take off acrylic nails:

One of the most effective and safe ways to remove acrylic nails is using acetone-free nail polish remover. First of all, we need a bottle of acetone-free nail polish remover, a small bowl, a nail clipper, a tweezer, and a file. It is much healthier than take off acrylic nails without acetone.

Then select some areas of your nail as small as possible. Though it is a painful process, if you try to cut it at an angle, this will be easy. Now, take the tweezer and use the end of the tweezer to find the edges of the acrylic nail. Now, you have to soak your fingers into the nail polish remover. Pour the amount of acetone-free nail polish remover into the bowl, which is enough to wash your fingers.

Soak your finger into this liquid for at least 40 minutes. Sometimes take your finger out of the juice and check if the acrylic nail is removed or not.  After removing all the parts of acrylic nails, you can use the oil or lotion for moisture.

4. Remove Acrylic Nail using warm water:

Hot or warm water soak is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to take off fake acrylic nails. It is the safest way also. It kills time but very safe than take off acrylic nails without acetone.

You need hot water, a heatproof bowl, a nail file, a nail chipper, etc. Use a nail clipper to trim your nail as short as possible. Open the edge of the fake nail as the water can touch it and penetrate the glue. Take the hot water in a bowl. Then soak your nail for up to 40 minutes in the hot water pot. This will remove the acrylic nail slowly.

5. Taking off acrylic nails using a nail file:

This process is so time-consuming, but it is practical too.

The constituents we need are an orange stick, Vaseline, lotion, a nail file or buffer, a nail clipper, a cuticle scissor, nail polish remover, etc.

Taking off acrylic nails
Taking off acrylic nails @credit Artem Beliaikin

Chose a short area and clip the acrylic nail as small as possible and do this process as slow as possible because that may hurt you. Use this technique easily to take off acrylic nails without acetone.

Now time for the removal of nail polish. You can use any nail polish remover to remove them. You can also remove them by filling them away from the nail polish. File those fake nails until you see your real ones. Be careful to File up your original nail.

Finally, use oil, Vaseline, or lotion to pamper your nail and cuticles.

These all are effective processes. You can use any of them to take off your acrylic nails. And please take off acrylic nails without acetone.

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