Most popular massage therapy techniques in 2021

by Denise R. Morey

Massage is a healing and relaxation technique that is used all over the world for thousands of years. Using pressure, rubbing, heat, stroking in combination with each other, massage manipulates the tissue and muscles. There are many kinds of massage therapy techniques. Massage has many health benefits to the body and soul.

The main advantages of massage are given below:

Most popular massage therapy techniques
Massage therapy techniques @credit Ryutaro Tsukata

American massage association found various benefits of massage. These are:

  1. Massage can reduce the fatigue and pain caused by cancer.
  2. Massage helps in the relief of back pain and stiffness.
  3. Massage has a fantastic effect on Fibromyalgia
  4. It is very beneficial to recover post-operative pain.
  5. Relief from carpal tunnel syndrome.
  6. Massage therapy techniques helps in reducing blood pressure.
  7. it is instrumental in decreasing the frequency of headaches.
  8. Even it helps in boosting the immune system function.

Most popular massage therapy techniques

Now we will discuss some significant and most popular massages here:

1. Active release therapy:

Dr. P. Michel Leahy invented active release therapy about 30 years ago. It is first used for athletes. It is beneficial for soft tissue disorders. Muscles, Fascia, Tendons, Ligaments, Nerves all can be treated by this massage. This massage therapy technique covers all types of major muscle groups.  Now, let us talk about how this massage is done.

First, the ART specialist identifies scar tissue by using his hand. Then the tension built in the scar tissue is released by hand or some instruments. Then the muscle is moved at a specific motion. This therapy session must long for 30 to 50 minutes and may be done once a week. For more than one week, you should console a specialist.

2. Swedish Massage Therapy:

Swedish Massage Therapy
Swedish Massage Therapy @credit Anete Lusina

It is the most used and well-known method of therapy. It is also known as the classic massage.  Per Henrik Ling developed these massage therapy techniques. There are mainly five major stokes and styles in this therapy. They are sliding and gliding, kneading, rhythmic tapping, with fibers or cross fibers, and the last one is vibration.

These five stokes can be used for any pain in any body part. More likely, this is used for reduction from pain, for joint stiffness, Osteoarthritis, for low back pain, and the management of stress. This message stays a session of 30 to 90 minutes. For old pain and problems, you should meet an expert. This therapy is preferred for those who have stiff joints and full-body pain.

3. Myofascial Release Therapy:

It is known as the most rudimentary type of massage. Myofascial massage therapy techniques are that type where an individual does not need any assistance from the outside. We may hear about tight fascia. It is mainly a fibrous layer of connective tissue. This tissue present above our muscles and under the skin of our body. Facia helps our body explicitly to move and hold these bodily positions.

The surface level tightness is because of this fascia. This therapy can be done by using different instruments. These instruments are foam roller, softball, tennis ball, golf ball, hypervisor, body bar, rumbler roller, trigger point balls, and rollers. There are many styles in this massage therapy. These are divided into active and passive. The passive system is used for soft tissue mobilization, and the operational process is for tensing the affected area. This therapy session lasts for 30 minutes, and for tight muscle stress release, it is the best.

4. Medical massage:

Medical massage is usually a combination of all kinds of massage therapy techniques. It is the combination of deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, cranial-sacral techniques, etc. it is the most effective and helpful therapy. This even helps with breast cancer and pain alleviation—it deals with the surrounding tissue. The best thing about this therapy is this it can be used for both physical and medical treatment.

This therapy may help you to get rid of these conditions, and it can reduce anxiety, reduce blood pressure, it can delay the onset of pain, and helps to reduce the heart rate. All People can benefit from this therapy. It even helps in mood swings and relaxation. The methods and time limitations of medical massage depend on the condition of the patient.

5. Acupuncture:

It’s a type of massage therapy techniques in which needles are used, and this therapy includes trigger point massage. This therapy is a part of Chinese medication and is vastly used for pain relief. This massage therapy techniques do not have a scientific base, but it works. Acupuncture does not consider any long-term benefits, but for short-term and instant relief, it is one of the best. 

It is generally used to relieve the pain of the low back, shoulder stiffness, knee pain, other muscle stiffness, and joint pain. For this massage, a skilled person and clean needles are a must. Acupuncture has mainly four diagnostic methods. These include inspection, auscultation, olfaction, and inquiring. These are named differently because they are used in different parts of the body.

6. Cupping Therapy:

These massage therapy techniques are not scientifically proved. But for a short time and instant release, it is an excellent option. It is invented in 3000 BC. And even now, it is used worldwide for short-term pain relief. Another benefit of this therapy is it increased movement and blood flow. This therapy is done by following these processes. First, a tight or sore area of the body is selected.

By suctioning a cup on this area, pressure is created. The cups are kept on the body for few minutes. The time depends on the amount of pain in the area and the size of the cup. Sometimes the body parts need to be moved to increase the blood flow. And after several times, the cups are removed. There are different cupping styles, including fire cupping, wet cupping, dry cupping, etc. this therapy is used for the release of pain in the softer tissues.

Among different types of massage therapy techniques, these are mainly and widely used all over the world; before performing any of that, advice from an expert is a must.

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