Truth, Beauty, Goodness

by Denise R. Morey

Can one know what true size and goodness are? Is there objectivity in these traits or is it just what you see? Let’s focus on what God has created for women and what society advises them to do. It is true that ladies are ladies of fruitful professions to avoid their politeness; subject to the self-confidence of others; Or being simple and real things for joy? Or they also say that they are called to discover the truth of their respect according to the model of Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, who reflects and cares for the divine truth, beauty, and goodness that all creation must reflect. Are you ready to share?

The theme of truth, excellence, and goodness has long been a theme of fascination for people. Atheist scholars try to distinguish between what is right, what is good, and what is beautiful. For a Christian, however, there can be no other answer than that which asserts that the Triune God is true, beautiful, and good. God is basically all three. Everything else is exclusively for investment. We can know this because God has decided to reveal Himself to us. The Catechism of the Catholic Church n. ° 2500 allows us to know that “even before revealing himself to man by an expression of truth, God reveals himself (to man) by the universal language of creation.” Every creation is a mirror of its Creator. Therefore, we can see something of the same beauty in creation. Truth, privilege, and goodness, known as “transcendent,” cannot be separated from one another because they are united because the Trinity is one. The truth is great in itself. Goodness also describes all that God has done.

Man is the culmination of the work of the Creator, for the Bible communicates by the clear recognition of human production from the production of various animals. “God created man in his own image …” (Genesis 27: 1). Thus, man became acceptable and excellent but also settled in communion with his Creator and in friendship with himself and with the creation that surrounds him, in an expression exclusively surpassed by the wonders of the new creation in Christ. The inner compatibility of the main man, the intimacy between the main man and the lady (Adam and Eve), and the compatibility of the main spouses and the whole creation, is called “unique justice.” This whole one-sided deal was lost because of the deviation of our first guards. Man-made in a heavenly state, it had to be a completely brilliant “god” of God. In any case, he preferred himself to God and defied God’s command.

Thus Adam and Eve quickly lost the unique ingenuity of holiness and the harmony between the place in which they lived and withered. They were cut off from Beauty herself. God, but not forsaken mankind, each of them shares in Adam’s sin, for “through limited disobedience, they are all perverted” (Romans 5:12). At the end of time, God sent his Son to bring back what he had lost. The Son, who is “wonderful to the children of men,” has come to bring us back to excellence.

So we are now moving towards excellence. Von Balthasar once commented that when one aspires to attract others to God, it must begin with excellence, for greatness attracts God. Then the greatness will lead, at this moment, to truth and goodness. Therefore, in the event that one starts with excellence, one must know what size is. I will do competent work between two kinds of wonders, though only one is the distinction of feeling the most authentic in the definition. It is a “magical” privilege that is regularly reflected in our culture today. This can involve any attraction to our internal collapse (morally or profoundly). It takes us away from what we were created for, by association with beauty itself. I will return to this privilege, but first I need to build a proper definition and understanding of what is a “good” size. This is the most important of all, which attracts us to our true satisfaction and joy. In his book The Beauty of Holiness and The Sanctity of Beauty, John Sword, using what St. Thomas Aquinas did, describes excellence as: “The flash of a great or real structure found in the parts provided by material things.” , while one can discover the magnificent display, visible, one must go further into the nature or the core of a thing.

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