The Pursuit of Beauty

by Denise R. Morey

During my trip to Manhattan by express bus one morning, I had the organization and joy of reading the March issue of Allure magazine. I started by looking at editor Linda Wells’ letter and was perplexed by this surprising expression, “The Search for Excellence.” Linda reveals that this wonder is analogous to the quest for the American Dream. It is “a choice to decide and act according to our essential selves, mentally and physically … that transcends gender, class, race, age, and sexual orientation.” I thought to myself, “That’s so obvious!” What individual today does not want to be and feel happy? There is no doubt that we, as individuals, are deeply influenced by our real aspects and will successfully acquire or retain our own brilliance. Our insatiable demand for all “excellence” shows that we are all fully looking for and proud of it.

As exemplifies, splendor is “the quality of an object or individual that gives sincere joy or gives the soul-deep satisfaction.” This emotional connection to joy explains why excellence has a special impact on our lives. We cannot help ourselves by seeing things or people that appeal to our sensitivity. Royal splendor, but the question of taste and evaluation is similarly described from the perspectives of society. In many societies, the presence of equality or balance is a critical element of differentiation because it suggests a lack of “flaws” or “failures”. Balancing the face, the look, the shape and the size of the body, as well as energy is very normal excellence. However, a description of excellence is unthinkable without further understanding that wonder has another side, one not very physical, but somewhat mystical (a more theoretical element). We can’t really see or name it, but its quality is assured. Therefore, we cannot prohibit mental factors such as personality, understanding, respect, style, or morality as critical elements in the perception of excellence.

As I researched further on this excitement, I found some exceptionally interesting discoveries. Surprisingly, specialists have discovered (perhaps not really surprisingly) that having real attraction can be very powerful in people’s lives. Someone who considers themselves sympathetic is likely to receive higher grades, receive better care from primary care physicians, receive lighter prison sentences, and earn more money. As if we need more problems on the planet today, we are now aware that wild factors like our undoubted excellence or our “lack in this department” are just the friendliest handicap to add to our list. If we notice it, and regardless of whether we do it intentionally or unintentionally, this “look” haunts our general audience and can reveal an idea of the depth of shallowness that exists in our current reality.

This overwhelming fact certainly affects our way of seeing ourselves as others. The images we see on TV screens also reveal what we consider amazing and are the main engine to this search for perfection. We spend tons of dollars and unimaginable time shopping on the website or in malls, buying a wide variety of great things, doing nail, hair, face, and botox restructurings, looking at fashion magazines, and taking specific notes on what we appreciate. People wear, use, and take advantage to stay really slim, young, and bright.

Try not to misunderstand me, “Seeking Excellence” does not necessarily mean a visit to a cosmetologist, nor a subtle tool available only to the rich and popular. We could all be great! The multi-billion-dollar industry has tried to fulfill all of our great needs by surrounding us with many things and apartments equipped to make us feel and look younger and more beautiful. Desk. We have things that make us look younger, things that soften our skin, things that flatten our stomachs, things that beautify our lips, things that give us fuller hair, things that lengthen and thicken our eyelashes, beauticians, eyebrows, cosmetologists. , and a style that changes every season, and ornaments like buttons, necklaces, tattoos, hats, etc., we use these things together to enhance our individuality and seduce us in one way or another.

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